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Best candid wedding photography in Delhi

This is where I will expatiate about behind the scene stories, share some of my work and the delightful reminiscence attached to it.

Let’s begin by a little introspection. Are you tired of the clichéd poses? Are you the one who believes that every image has a story to tell?  Are you funny, shy, loving, flirtatious, caring, dreamer, believer and want your images to portray the same about you? Then look no further, your search for a photographer who can document your big events finishes here.

I, Daman Singh, believe in capturing personalities, moods and emotions in an image, not just people. I am a self-taught photographer, finding my way through trials and errors, I never let go an opportunity to improve my skills further. Every shoot is a new learning experience for me. My work is centered around Fashion and candid wedding Photography. I try to connect with human emotions and capture the best in them. With my latest photography gears, imagination, an eye for details and a dash of my creative flair, I strive to create images that you would cherish for a lifetime. It is always my sincere attempt to present you with pictures that not just appeals to your sense of sight but bring a plethora of memories for you to embrace and  pass on to the generations to come. So lets create magic. Let our work do the talking, let our pictures takes you back to time every time you see them. Let our candid wedding photographers capture your big day  by putting our heart n soul into your wedding. We being the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi NCR provides you the best services. So why take a chance with them. You get married once in a lifetime. So be sure about who captures it.

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best candid wedding photographer in delhi
Best candid wedding photography
Best candid wedding photography in Delhi